(Australia; 90 min.) Writer-director Joseph Sims’ feature debut is an odd mix of Tarantino pulp and Wes Andersen quirk, telling the story of a brother and sister who shake up a small town for one weekend when they make it a stop-off on their psychopathic road trip. Sims cleaned up with this film at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival last year, taking Best Director and several other awards, and it’s easy to see why. Bright and stylish with a lot of homeland flavor, and packed with visual and narrative hooks, Sims’ film signals the arrival of a huge talent in Australian filmmaking, no doubt. But it’s too superficial by a half; we keep waiting for the backstory that never comes, and once it becomes clear that it’s not going to, the violent finale is pointless. There’s simply no one to care too deeply about, and nothing to invest in. (SP)

March 4 at 11:50pm, C12; March 8 at 9:30pm, C12; March 11 at 5pm, C12