(Kenya; 94 min.) All politics is local. This docudrama records the impact of the 2008 Kenyan presidential election without ever leaving the Nairobi shantytown of Kibera. Kamau (Wilson Maina), a young artist, moves away from his drunken slumlord father (Peter Chege) toward the nascent Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). In the slum of at least 150,000 people, 8-year-old Peter (Teddy Onyango) covets a cell phone to start a business. “You don’t need a phone,” say Kamau. “You need better clothes.” The poverty is as omnipresent as the zinc-roofed shacks. Director Nathan Collett uses the relatively inexpensive high-definition Red One Camera—itself a tool for democratic filmmaking—to capture the sudden eruptions of fledgling democracy. (DH)


Sat., March 5 at 6:45pm, Camera 12; Thu., March 10 at 7:15pm, Camera 12; Fri., March 11 at 8:45pm, Camera 12