We all need something to get us through the long winter nights—a talisman, a consolation, some sort of mental binky. Ever since Nov. 1, 2010, I have enjoyed the warm succor of the World Series victory by the Giants. I know I am not alone; I continue to get calls from my friends asking me, in wonderment, “Are we still World Champions?”

That’s what waiting more than a half-century (56 years to be exact, but who was counting?) can do to a baseball fan. I took special solace in the signal event in the dire aftermath of the midterm elections, when listening to the news on the radio became too painful to endure. OK, I said, they can have the House of Representatives—we won the Series, and beat the team that W used to own in the process.

Now there is a way to bask in the experience. The MLB Productions and A&E Home Entertainment World Series package collects every game of the series against the Texas Rangers, plus games four and six of the National League Championship Series against the much-vaunted and then vanquished Phillies and a bonus disc with satisfying snippets from the regular season and the postseason. It is possible, for example, to savor in quick doses Cody Ross’ two home runs against Roy Halladay; Aaron Rowland and Buster Posey nailing Carlos Ruiz at the plate in a crucial play in the NLCS; or Aubrey Huff’s one-of-a-kind bunt.

The complete game broadcasts allow for repeated nostalgic wallowing, minus the annoying commercials and with the advantage of knowing the outcome, thus lowering the anxiety level (it’s like rewatching a great movie thriller like Psycho—you know Janet Leigh’s going to get it, but you still admire the artistry behind the surprise). One significant advantage of these discs is that the audio channels make it possible to turn off the insufferable Joe Buck and Tim McCarver and listen instead to the Giants broadcasts with Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow. The call of the final out (“A swing and a miss … and for the first time …”) made this grown man cry.

At about $80, the set isn’t cheap; a condensed documentary of the miracle year is available in a single disc called The Magic Inside. But a true fan will want the full collection. After all, prorated over 56 years that’s ballpark salted peanuts.

SF Giants 2010 World Series Collector’s Edition
Eight discs; $79.95
‘The Magic Inside,’ one disc; $17.99
MLB Productions/A&E Home Entertainment