Club Wet is in the news again, but if the city has its way, it won’t be there for long. After a New Year’s Day incident, authorities are trying to take the unprecedented step of closing the club down permanently.

According to police, after a fight broke out on New Year’s Eve, a woman was knocked to the floor and stomped repeatedly on her face so that a stiletto heel punctured her cheek and throat.

And SJPD spokesman says club security refused to call the police or even an ambulance, and told her instead that her friends should drive her to the hospital. Now City Attorney Rick Doyle wants to shut the club down, saying that it is the most dangerous dance club in the city. City Councilmember Sam LIccardo said of the club: “I’ve seen better organized riots.”

The club claims that the story is overblown and that the victim only suffered “a scratch.” Security guards said they were not adverse to bringing a paramedic to the site, but simply warned the girl that an ambulance would cost her $2,500, as opposed to the cost of having a friend take her to hospital.

A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 24.
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