The Best DIY Haunted Home in Campbell
There’s always that one Griswold house in the neighborhood that outdoes the rest when it comes to holiday decorations. A home on Longfellow Avenue in Campbell transforms into the haunted Mantooth Manor every Halloween season. The front of the house is eclipsed by an entire custom-built facade that could easily be straight from the set of a ghost town horror flick. Inside, the rooms and hallways are filled with haunted paintings and eerie lighting, and then there’s the backyard graveyard with an actual coffin.

Acclaimed Graphic Novelist Charles Burns
He’s been called the David Fincher of the graphic novel. Take a lunch break Tuesday and meet Charles Burns, creator of Black Hole, widely considered one of the best graphic novels of all time. Burns will be appearing at Lee’s Comics in Mountain View on Oct. 26 at noon.

Peelander-Z and Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re
The Japanese have this way of appropriating Western culture and blending it into something absurdly kitschy that inevitably winds up in a Quentin Tarantino or John Waters flick. To the American audience, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re are essentially a punker version of the’s, while Peelander-Z is the sonic and mythical equivalent of the Sex Pistols reincarnated as the Power Rangers meets Sun Ra. Their in-store performance at Streetlight Records and their free show that night at Blank Club will provide ample opportunities to sing along and learn some Japanglish.

Secret Order
Corporate greed and the politics of science collide in this biomedical thriller. When Dr. Shumway, a relatively obscure and naive cancer researcher, is thrust into the high stakes world of science, the notion of noble “truth-seeking” is dissected with a scalpel’s precision. Shumway is in over his head when he and a young student researcher get swept up in the dangerous world of political maneuvering, corporate loyalty and scientific ethics.

Paul Kikuchi and The Empty Cage Quartet
Looking for an alternative to the costume contests and Halloween craziness going on around town Friday night? The Empty Cage Quartet and composer/instrument-maker Paul Kikuchi perform free jazz (free as in beer) at the Montalvo Arts Center Final Fridays series.