Free Reiki for the Community
Developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhists, Reiki is a form of complementary or alternative medicine whereby practitioners claim to transfer healing energy through the palms. As often seems to be the case with alternative healing practices like Reiki, recent clinical trials have been inconclusive in determining its true effectiveness. Nevertheless, an eyebrow-raising Harvard study published last month in a journal of the Public Library of Science suggests placebos may have a proper place in modern medical treatment.

Puppet Making for Families
Maybe you don’t want your kids to grow up to be the next Jeff Dunham, but would it really be that bad if they developed the next Avenue Q off-Broadway sensation? A group of Bay Area comedians have recently launched Animal Trash, a public access satire with puppets acting as the residents of a fictional Brink County trailer park; it’s poised to go viral with 60,000 YouTube views and counting. Playing with puppets is a great way for children to develop healthy and active powers of imagination. Bring them to the Rose Garden Library on Tuesday afternoon for a free puppet-making “hands-on” tutorial.

Yes, But Is It Art?: Artmaking in a Digital Age
The San Jose Museum of Art is kicking off a new monthly series of free lunchtime art lectures. Griff Williams, owner of Gallery 16 and Urban Digital Color in San Francisco, will speak on the topic of “Yes, But Is It Art?: Artmaking in a Digital Age,” exploring the challenges of making and viewing new media and digital art. Bring a sack lunch or pick one up from the museum’s cafe.

Custom Bike Design Duo Shorty Fatz
Around Silicon Valley, everybody knows the story about two guys named Steve who started a custom computer business in a garage. Fast forward to 2007, swap the name Steve for Rodriguez, and swap the computer for the bicycle. Matthew Rodriguez and Samuel Rodriguez, creators of Shorty Fatz, design and manufacture custom, single-speed “cruisers” and fixed-gear bicycles. Each frame is made by hand and designed and fabricated in their San Jose garage. The Shorty Fatz duo will discuss and demonstrate their custom-built bicycles at the San Jose Museum of Art this Thursday at 5pm.

Talib Kweli
Talib Kweli is the rapper’s rapper. He arrived on the scene with Black Star, the late ‘90s rap trifecta consisting of Kweli, Mos Def, and DJ Hi-Tek that produced tracks now known as classics in the underground hip hop world. Kweli has a knack for laying down smooth and clever rhymes on top of jazzy keyboard motifs and sultry beats. His delivery is positive, confident but not aggressive, garnering him public praise from rap’s high priests like Jay-Z: “If skills sold, truth be told / I’d probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli.” The Language Arts Crew, Ocalaholics, MY G and Rose open for Kweli at the VooDoo Lounge on Friday.