Yesterday was a big day for the SJPD. They finally completed construction on the new, $92 million dollar substation that is planned to service the city’s South Side. Top cops, city officials, and construction managers gathered for the celebration, but it was short-lived. Just as soon as it was opened, it was closed. Due to budgetary constraints, the building will be kept closed until September 2011.

Officials explain that keeping the building closed will save the city $2.5 million dollars. They also point out that with the current budget cuts, there are actually fewer policemen in San Jose now than there were in 2002, when the building was approved. At the time, Coyote Valley was slated for development, but under the current economic conditions, that has been postponed indefinitely.

What’s annoying about the situation is that the new substation was so difficult to build. It is far more advanced that the Mission Street Station, both technically and in terms of design, but it also cost almost $10 million more than was originally planned. The roof alone cost $1.3 million more, while changes to the original plumbing and electrical added another $2.3 million.

The money was spent and the building was finished. As of yesterday, it was officially opened too. Then it was shut, at least until next year.
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