The Science of Meditation, Yoga and Breathing
Those little red bottles of Five Hour Energy are probably not the healthiest way to sharpen focus and awaken senses. Learn about the science behind meditation, yoga and breathing from Dr. Debanti Sengupta of Stanford University.

Legacy of Light
Although the birth of an idea is oftentimes compared to the birth of child, the latter seems a bit more painful. In Legacy of Light, a West Coast stage premiere by the San Jose Rep, two female scientists living in different centuries try to accomplish both.

Snow Falling on Cedars
TheatreWorks Silicon Valley presents the regional premiere of Kevin McKeon’s stage adaptation of David Guterson’s bestselling novel, Snow Falling on Cedars. Set in the post-WWII era, the story follows the murder trial of a Japanese-American veteran and his time spent in a wartime internment camp.

Unique and Innovative Sustainable Landscape Ideas
Now that the deluge of rain in the Bay Area has subsided and the weather this week is looking sunny, dust off the gardening gloves and learn about sustainable gardening from landscape architect Kathryn Mathewson. Topics include: healthy soil biology to reduce water use, ecosystem planting design, landscapes for all life forms, the right plant for the right place and companion planting.

Septeto Nacional Ignacio Pineiro de Cuba
Recently extended by Obama through September of 2011, the United States embargo against Cuba is the most enduring trade embargo in modern history. Thankfully, some Cuban musicians are able to travel and perform here in the States via the cultural exchange program loophole. The 7-piece band Septeto Nacional Ignacio Pineiro de Cuba, founded in 1927, performs at Montalvo on Friday.