Find out more about downtown living.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The axis of the earth sticks out visibly through the center of each and every town and city.” In San Jose, we have The Axis, a residential tower rising 22 stories above the city.

Situated on North Almaden Boulevard a few blocks from the Guadalupe Expressway, its angles and setbacks help define downtown San Jose’s ever-urbanizing skyline. The condos in The Axis are all different from one another. There is a variety of floor plans and balcony spaces to choose from—they look out to different views, and each has its own feel. Apartments with one, two or three bedrooms are available, as well as units with two bedrooms and a den. And for people who have come to Silicon Valley with an idea and a dream, it may be quite possible to get a startup off the ground in one of the complex’s live/work units.

One of The Axis’s most easily apparent features is its sleek contemporary look. Residents take in the view equally well from the balcony inside, where floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors lead outdoors. All of the floors are hardwood, setting off the wooden cabinetry and granite counter tops of the spacious kitchens. Special care was taken to ensure that the lighting in every room accents the natural light throughout, instead of overwhelming it.

The elegant lobby offers full concierge and security services, staffed around the clock, and the common patio has all the conveniences of a modern spa, with a fitness center, hot tub and pool. As the sun sets on a cool California evening, residents can head out to the patio to grill in the barbecue area and dine beside the pool.

A two-bedroom, two-bath apartment on the fifth floor (L1) includes a dining room, a living room and a den, all easily accessible. Even a small, one-bedroom apartment like S2 includes a spacious living room with dining area, which opens up into the bedroom.

Higher up on the 21st floor is a stunning three-bedroom home (Ph-D) with a separate den, accessible from the foyer. What makes this unit unique is the extensive patio that wraps around the dining room, living room and master bedroom. Its one drawback is that to access the living room, dining room and bedroom, you have to go through the kitchen. A two-bedroom, two-bath apartment is selling for approximately $535,000, depending on the floor plan and the floor.

While it may not be the ideal place for young families starting out, it is probably a good place for energetic couples who want to be in the heart of all the action. Looking out from any of the apartments, you really get the feeling that the whole of Silicon Valley spins around this Axis.