It may not exist. It may not even have a team yet. Still, the design team at Threesixty Architecture has put together the first renderings of what San Jose’s proposed MLB stadium may look like one day. 

The responses on the Baseball San Jose blog, which has been tracking what its denizens hope is the Oakland A’s imminent move to San Jose. are generally positive, with people commenting on the overall architecture, the gentle curve that follows the Guadalupe River, and especially how it will revitalize downtown.

On a green note, one of the commentators noted that this is a “truly urban ballpark,” easily accessible by foot or public transportation. It is also a true sports fan’s dream, especially in those months when the baseball and hockey seasons overlap.

People will be able to catch a ballgame in the afternoon, and then head right over to the HP Pavilion, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Of course, they’ll want to stop for a drink first at one of the bars and restaurants that will spring up in the area.

If we get to build it.
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