Photograph by Eric Carlson


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Cavalier - "A nonchalant disregard for what is important."
The American Heritage Dictionary

A 1991 Chevrolet Cavalier in the Soft Underbelly page?

This car is emblematic of all the cars in San Jose - which constitute a mobile "structure" of sorts every bit as significant as The Fairmont, or Quetzalcoatl. This is one story. There are a million others.

David Hickey purchased this Cavalier from an Avis dealership in San Jose on a long lost Saturday morning in 1992. The story begins here.

The white splotches on the hood and roof are not light reflections, but rather a form of "car leprosy." Dave refers to it as "a stylishly decorative and a naturally beautiful oxidation or rust."

The Cavalier has been highly customized by Dave and his daughters,
Octavia and Adrianne, and also by natural forces - see oxidation above.

I have been enjoined by Octavia and Adrianne not to divulge the particulars of many of the dents and depressions gracing the car in order to avoid family embarrassment.


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