Great Mall, Milpitas, Ca.

Photograph by Eric Carlson

See update at bottom.

I believe this to be the high point of the Great Mall.
The "Pineapple of Success."

The Great Mall used to be one of the largest Ford plants in the United States. The mall developers were clever enough to retain some of the ford relics of days gone by, including this magnificent and quite rare 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner. This is a hard top convertible - fully retractable.

Many people I know seem to be somewhat toplofty about visiting the Great Mall - by nature of it being a "discount center," or, for that matter, visiting any place in Milpitas. They are missing out on a great deal. Although Milpitas does not provide the inscrutable delight & haunting fragrance of Alviso, it still has many charms to be appreciated - not the least being the revolving Ford Fairlane of the Great Mall.

The ford revolves just fast enough to make it difficult to photograph - technically this is an "action photograph."

Update 2003: The revolving Ford Fairlane has been moved to a darkened corner of the Great Mall, and is no longer revolving. This is now a nostalgia page. The Milipitians fixed something that wasn't broke.

Click here to see what has replaced the revolving Ford Fairlane.
Click here to see the non-revolving Ford Fairlane.