Voyager Craft Coffee may be the only place in San Jose where you can get a latte fit for a unicorn.

While this newcomer to the South Bay’s coffee scene opened its doors only a year ago, it has hit the sweet spot with social-media-savvy coffee lovers, thanks to the Instagram-worthy rainbow latte art. It also doesn’t hurt that the beans are locally roasted and that the shop is committed to using high-quality ingredients in its food and drink menu.

Boasting an array of pour-over coffees, speciality teas and the full range of espresso drinks, Voyager features coffee beans from a handful of local roasters, including AKA Coffee of Oakland, Red Giant Roasters from Palo Alto and Tico Coffee Roasters from Campbell. They also serve a plethora of baked goods, made daily by local bake shop Big Orange Bakery.

Serving everything from croissants to banana bread and coffee cake, one of their tastiest offerings is the vegan sea salt chocolate chip cookie ($2.50), which was more buttery and rich than any non-vegan cookie I’ve had. Be aware that Voyager’s baked goods sell out quickly—on weekends, their entire selection is usually gone before noon.

Voyager is best known for signature espresso drinks ($5.30), all inspired by flavors originating from their namesakes. The Santiago is a spicy take on a mocha and includes cayenne pepper, ginger and cinnamon. The Bali is a sweet-and-spicy coconut, honey and cayenne-infused latte. Flavored with homemade bourbon syrup, the Savannah is garnished with freshly muddled mint, and the Valencia latte is served with coconut milk, vanilla and orange blossom essence.

I tried the Santiago hot and the Savannah and Valencia on ice, and all lived up to their names. The cayenne pepper used in the Santiago packed a punch and complemented the chocolate and cinnamon flavor nicely, but it somewhat overpowered the ginger, which was barely discernible. The Savannah, which Voyager recommends getting iced, was refreshing and reminiscent of Philz Coffee’s mint mojito but with a subtle, not-too-boozy bourbon essence. My favorite was the Valencia, which was delicately flavored with fragrant floral orange essence that didn’t taste artificial or overly saccharine, but actually brought out the coffee’s complex flavors.

Alongside my latte, I also enjoyed Voyager’s most popular menu item, the classic avocado toast ($5) which came topped with generous slices of perfectly ripe avocado, cracked pepper and olive oil. Topped toast often feels peak millennial, but it’s delicious and super popular—in surveying the room, I noticed almost every table had ordered some version of it.

Voyager Craft Coffee
3985 Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara.