Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to come up with a plan for that special someone. Relax. There’s no need to break the bank on a fancy ring or pendant, because everybody loves a little sugar. So, here’s a list of local spots to pick up delicious confections, chocolates, candy and more. We even have a short list of 420-friendly sweets.

Baked Confections

Manresa Bread
Multiple locations in Los Altos and Los Gatos
Born out of the kitchen of chef David Kinch’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant—Manresa—Manresa Bread has served as the South Bay’s village bakery since 2014. This year it will be hosting its first ever Chocolate Pop-Up in front of its Los Gatos location on Feb. 10 and 11, from 9am to 1pm. Pastry Chef Renata Ameni and her team will be offering boxes of chocolates. Pick up six pieces for $15, or a dozen for $28.

Palo Alto Baking Co.
381 S California Ave, Palo Alto
Palo Alto Baking Co. will offer heart-shaped cookies, French macarons, chocolate-dipped strawberries, cupcakes and truffles all packaged and ready to give for Valentine’s Day. To lighten things up, grab one with a side of balloons.

Frost Cupcake Factory
199 E Campbell Ave, Campbell
Frost is ready for both personal or corporate Valentine’s Day orders. This Campbell cupcake shop will be offering sweetheart-inspired sugar cookies, rose cake pops and other holiday themed bars and cupcakes.

Mayfield Bakery
855 El Camino Real, Ste 110, Palo Alto
Through Valentine’s Day, Mayfield Bakery will be offering a variety of holiday-theme desserts for you and your valentine. For something rich, try a chocolate s’mores tart; for something simple, how about a frosted conversation-heart cookie. Mayfield will also be serving conversation-heart cookie kits, if you want to surprise your loved one at home.

Icing on the Cake
50 W Main St, Los Gatos
For beaus with dietary restrictions, Icing on the Cake offers a wide variety of flourless, vegan and dairy-free options. From flourless raspberry truffle cups to egg-free, cream-filled sandwich cookies, this Los Gatos bakery helps everyone satisfy their sweet tooth.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Multiple Locations
Give a gift that’s a bit out of the ordinary this Valentine’s Day. Nothing Bundt Cakes has bundts—natch—bundtlet towers and bite-size bundtinis.

Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos has vegan treats. Photo courtesy of Icing on the Cake.

Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos has vegan treats. Photo courtesy of Icing on the Cake.

Sugar Butter Flour
Multiple Locations
Irit Ishai traveled the world before settling in California to focus on her culinary career. She has worked as head pastry chef for one the most famous establishments in Tel Aviv—Orna and Ella—and even served under chef David Kinch at Sent Sovi and Manresa. Now Ishai and her team craft some of the finest desserts in the valley at an affordable price.

La Patisserie
19758 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino
This Valentine’s Day, La Patisserie is offering both sweet desserts and a way to save some money. Their menu offers a variety of delightful cakes and pastries, with a variety of flavors. But if money is tight, their website is also offering a coupon for Valentine’s Day on a purchase of $50 or more.

Peters Bakery
3108 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose
Established in 1936, Peters Bakery focuses on a variety of desserts with one specific motto: “If you don’t want to eat it yourself, don’t sell it.” With specialities for almost every holiday, it comes as no surprise that this Valentine’s Day they want to offer you and your boo just what you are looking for—whether it be cupcakes, cookies or their famous burnt almond cake.

Nox Cookie Bar
151 S 2nd St Suite 185, San Jose
This new store will deliver freshly baked cookies to you up until 2:30am. So if your plans to “Netflix and chill” run late, Nox Cookie Bar has you and your baby covered. Just place your order online and, for a small fee, the cookies and milk will come to you before Netflix has a chance to ask if you’re still watching.

Chocolates & Candy

Timothy Adams Chocolates
539 Bryant St, Palo Alto
It’s hard to go wrong with a box of chocolates. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, this shop specializes in creating bonbons, a chocolate delicacy available in a variety of flavors.

Mariette Chocolates
1268 Lincoln Ave, San Jose
Keep that special someone guessing with a customizable one-of-a-kind gift basket from Mariette Chocolates. Pick from a variety of chocolates, truffles and other sweets to create a box as unique as your lover.


100 N Almaden Ave, Ste 166 (Inside Market Hall,) San Jose
Come get your tweet tweedle-lee-treats for V Day at Chocatoo. Their delectable Belgian chocolates are handcrafted and painted with beautiful colors. Their truffles, fudges and dipped goodies will be sure to ruffle your feathers.

Alegio Chocolaté / Claudio Corallo
522 Bryant St, Palo Alto
Want to fill Valentine’s Day with chocolate bliss? We’ll set up a chocolate tasting from two of the finest chocolatiers to educate you on the cacao plant that makes some of their most delectable chocolates. Their coffee and chocolate originate from São Tomé and Príncipe off the west coast of Africa.

Snake & Butterfly
191 E Campbell Ave, Campbell
Don’t let the name fool you, because this sinfully delicious chocolatier offers variety packs that can make the perfect gift for that cocoa lover in your life. With truffles that boast an array of designs, such as a brilliant butterfly, these chocolates will have you listening to the snake and taking a bite like Eve did the forbidden fruit.

Schurra’s Fine Confections
840 The Alameda, San Jose
Since 1912 Schurra’s Fine Confections has been making Valentine’s Day (and the night that follows) a bit more romantic with its set of chocolate-dipped strawberries and assorted chocolates. Choose between milk, dark, white or a combo of both.

Instead of a flower arrangement, try a hand-picked collection of chocolates. Photo Courtesy of Chocolate Dream Box

Instead of a flower arrangement, try a hand-picked collection of chocolates. Photo Courtesy of Chocolate Dream Box

Chocolate Dream Box
15557 Union Ave, Los Gatos
If you’re looking for a classic gift for your one true bae, this fine chocolate boutique has a selection of over 20 handcrafted European-style chocolates. This shop specializes in gifts for the holidays and special occasions. Pick up a box with a complimentary personalized message.

The Chocolate Garage
654 Gilman St, Ste G, Palo Alto
This garage-based business offers customers a welcoming tasting room with some of the best bean-to-bar creations from around the world. Through a wide range of flavors and textures, The Chocolate Garage strives to create a healthier environment in communities. Even if you are not a local, you are still able to get your hands on some of these sweets through online orders delivered right to your door.

Willow Glen Sweet Shoppe
1140 Lincoln Ave, #6, San Jose
Owned and operated by a Willow Glen family, the Sweet Shoppe is a place to indulge to your heart’s content in old-school treats, cotton candy and an expanded bulk section. It also sells mouthwatering taffy and scrumptious caramel apples. Gaze into the chocolate case of almond bars and turtles, then enjoy it inside or take it to go.

Ice Cream

Goodies Homemade Ice Cream & Fudge
1401 W San Carlos St, San Jose
With a range of 25 to 27 flavors of ice cream on a daily basis, Goodies Homemade Ice Cream & Fudge is well know for savory and sweet cold treats. And although the name says it all, this shop also offers gourmet popcorn, handmade chocolates, caramel apples and a full espresso bar.

Multiple Locations
You’ve probably seen those videos on social media of rolled ice cream, right? Well, now’s your chance to see it in person, since the trend has made its way into the South Bay. The locals are loving it—so much that they willingly wait an average of one full hour to get their hands on this sweet treat. With both dairy and nondairy flavors, Icicles offer something for everyone’s taste buds.

Smitten Ice Cream
3055 Olin Ave, Ste 1055, San Jose
Founded in humble beginnings as a food cart in San Francisco, Smitten Ice Cream uses the freshest ingredients with their patented technology in order to serve the perfect scoop. Pair flavors like Meyer Lemon Cream or Earl Grey with sauces like Strawberry Prosecco or TCHO chocolate. Share it with your valentine in a handmade waffle cone or bowl.

If you can’t come up with a gift, take your boo to ice cream. Photo Courtesy of Smitten Ice Cream

If you can’t come up with a gift, take your boo to ice cream. Photo Courtesy of Smitten Ice Cream

Willow Glen Creamery
1100 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose
Whether you prefer ice cream, froyo or custard, Willow Glen Creamery has it all. With an ongoing list of flavors, this creamery has something for just about everybody. But don’t worry, if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake they also offer Wow Cow, a fat-free flavor with just nine to 12 calories an ounce.

Sweet Fix Creamery
2715 McKee Rd, San Jose
Sweet Fix Creamery will be offering customers two new flavors through the rest of the month. Red Velvet and Coconut Honey have made their way into the menu, in keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme. Additionally, the creamery offers all-natural Italian ice, freshly baked cookies, milkshakes and sundaes.

1628 Hostetter Rd, Unit H, San Jose
Through Feb. 18, Popbar will have a special kosher treat for all the lovers out there. Made of hot cinnamon pop gelato, dark chocolate and sprinkles, the Hot Stuff is a fun love-themed dessert that will melt your heart.

Tin Pot Creamery
Multiple Locations
With four different locations in the South Bay, Tin Pot Creamery offers customers a new, nontraditional outlook on ice cream and sorbet. While each location has its own list of daily flavors, Vegan Mint Truffle is available at all four. And if you’re looking forward to spending this Valentine’s Day at home, they do offer nationwide shipping, so you can have up to four different flavors to have delivered to your front door.

Campbell Creamery
267 E Campbell Ave, Campbell
Campbell’s favorite creamery is preparing for the long-awaited love holiday with a cold treat to satiate anyone’s sweet fix. Starting this month, raspberry truffle frozen yogurt will be available. The treat can be paired with a purple ice cream cone and pink sprinkles to make it all cute, Valentines-y and Instagram-worthy.

Mission City Creamery
2905 Park Ave, Santa Clara
Open daily, Mission City Creamery offers a variety of ice cream flavors by the scoop, by the cake or topped on hot, baked desserts. Handcrafted on a daily basis, it offers both permanent and rotating flavors. With options such as honey lavender and coffee with Heath Bar, this family owned business has just about everything for ice cream lovers.

Scoop N Stick
18562 Prospect Rd, Saratoga
For the whole month of February, Scoop N Stick is jumping in on the V-Day hype with a chocolate-strawberry theme. The shop will offer a strawberry popsicle dipped in dark chocolate, topped off with a drizzle of white chocolate.

Scoop Microcreamery
203 University Ave, Palo Alto
Ever have ice cream frozen at -321F by liquid nitrogen? The result is a richer, denser and smoother experience—and this Palo Alto micro-creamery has the best. You and your date can share a scoop of Hella Nutella or a Bourbon Vanilla swirled with salted caramel. Vegans can enjoy strawberry watermelon sorbet, or coconut.

164 University Ave, Palo Alto
This Valentine’s Day, Creamistry is offering a chocolate raspberry creation that promises to have you head-over-heels in love. Made with white chocolate ice cream, raspberry sauce drizzle, premium chocolate curls, and fresh brownie bites, this limited-time dessert is everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Froyola Premium Frozen Yogurt
2206 Broadway, Redwood City
Specializing in high quality frozen yogurt Froyola Premium Frozen Yogurt is a healthier alternative for ice cream lovers. All February long, they are open Friday through Sunday, offering customers a variety of flavors and toppings.


Hong Kong Bakery
210 Castro St, Mountain View
No need to drive to San Francisco for a warm daan tat—a baked egg custard tart. The bakery also offers sweet and savory Chinese baked and steamed goods, such as sticky rice and jian dui, fried sesame balls. Red bean, green tea, and taro mooncakes and Chinese sponge cakes are also available.

Olympus Caffe & Bakery
135 Castro St, Mountain View
How can you go wrong with a Mediterranean bakery named after the home of the Greek gods? Try the famous Turkish pastry su boregi with layers of dough filled with feta cheese or tulumba, an unleavened dough dessert. For scrumptious rice and caramelized milk puddings, sample the sutlac or kazandibi.

1038 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale
Featuring real Indian fruits, nuts, and recipes, Nirvanaah amazes with Kwality’s ice cream scoops, sundaes, cakes, shakes and special concoctions. Everything is 100 percent vegetarian and eggless, including the Badshahi Falooda drink: a Falooda noodles, basil seeds and rose shake topped with kulfi ice cream. Kesar Pista and Thandai shakes are also on the menu.

Dolce Spazio Gelato
221 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos
Serving its third generation of customers, this family-owned dessert spot serves rich, dense Italian gelato as well as flavorful sorbettos. For the ultimate indulgence, you can even place a catering order to bring a cart of your four favorite flavors. Biscotti, blended drinks, and the espresso bar won’t disappoint either.

Shuei Do Manju Shop
217 Jackson St, San Jose
In the heart of Japantown, sample the Japanese delicacy manju. Some are baked, while others are put on sticks or made with sweet rice (mochi) or rice powder. They come in different colors and shapes and are often filled with a sweet bean paste called “an.”

Snowy Village
1078 E Brokaw Rd, Ste 40,San Jose
Craving Korean shaved ice with sweet toppings like fresh fruit and berries? Get your bingsu fix or even try taiyaki, a warm fish-shaped cake with red bean filling. The dessert bowls are custom-made to ensure the bingsu stays chilled, and the non-GMO red beans boast incredible health benefits.

El Rico Pan Bakery
231 Willow St, San Jose
Satisfy your desire for freshly baked pan dulces or Mexican sweet breads while going easy on your wallet. Most of the fare at this panaderia is under $1.25. For something warm, order a cup of champurrado—a warm, chocolatey rice drink thickened to a pudding-like consistency with corn flour and flavored with a tinge of cinnamon.

Oasis Baklava
907 E. Duane Ave, Sunnyvale
Oasis Baklava incorporates locally sourced, high-quality ingredients to create authentic Middle Eastern sweets. Handcrafted daily, their sweet creations include a baklava-like ballourie—a lightly baked, shredded phyllo dough with chopped pistachios—as well as rolls and pastries. For a butter cookie that melts in your mouth, give greibeh a try.

Haleh Pastry
2265 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell
Offering made-to-order cakes and a variety of Persian pastries, this gem also serves Turkish coffee and Persian tea. Enjoy delicious tarts, shortbreads, and cookies in its charming interior or outside on the patio. The finely-crafted, delicate pastries include Turkish delights made from ingredients like pomegranate, rose petal and pistachio.

Feride’s Bakery
4300 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Transport your taste buds to the streets of Turkey with Feride Ureten’s simit, a delicious pastry traditionally eaten in the morning but delightful anytime. Try a pogaca, a savory stuffed pastry dumpling filled with feta cheese, or sample the former Ottoman Empire’s cuisine through borek, a pastry made of a thin, flaky phyllo dough.

Pink Elephant Bakery
415 S King Rd, San Jose
Family-owned since 1978, the Pink Elephant creates authentic pan dulce, flan and other delights, such as its popular Tres Leches Cake. When it opens at 5am, you and your sweetheart can start the day with cafecìto, hot chocolate or canela. Online orders are also available, including gelatinas de leche con fresa.

Passage to India Bakery
1100 W EL Camino Real, Mountain View
When it opened its doors in 2001, Passage to India Bakery was the first of its kind in California. Today, Indian bakeries abound, while Passage has made a name for itself for both its regular and eggless baked goods as well as fusion cuisine. The bakery menu includes breads, biscuits, dry cakes, and cookies. There’s also a cake menu for special occasions.

Multiple locations in San Jose, Milpitas, and San Mateo
This local chain crafts affordable Vietnamese beverages flavored with fresh coconut water or milk and packed with a host of exotic, healthy ingredients. Also on the menu: an assortment of sweet dessert drinks and puddings, incredible teas, bold coffees, and fruit smoothies. If the Bambu Special—a blend of coconut, pandan jelly, longan, and basil seed—doesn’t suit your fancy, try customizing your own drink.

420 Friendly

1695 S 7th St, San Jose
Caliva has a variety of edibles with strains such as indica, sativa and blends of both. They also sell chocolate bars, gummy candies and drinks of varying doses to suit every lover’s tolerance.

Caliva and other cannabis collectives have V-Day sweets. Photo courtesy of Caliva

Caliva and other cannabis collectives have V-Day sweets. Photo courtesy of Caliva

Buddy’s Cannabis
1075 N 10th St, San Jose
Buddy’s offers a new twist on medicinal marijuana products. They partner with artisan farmers to bring the best and freshest products to their edible selection. Buddy’s offers delectables such as their churro, which contains a potent dose of both CBD and THC.

Coachella Valley Church
2142 The Alameda, San Jose
Ever feel guilty for smoking the devil’s lettuce? Well, at Coachella Valley Church the herb is a sacrament and every edible’s a taste of heaven. Get in touch with your higher self by trying their cereals, like Chronic Toast Crunch or Cap’n Munch.

Harvest Bloom
Delivery service, Redwood City
If cooking’s your jam, Harvest Bloom can help you zest up your next munchies fix. Try a dash of Mr. Sprankles—a line of infused spices that includes garlic herb, lemon pepper and cinnamon sugar.

Airfield Supply Co.
1190 Coleman Ave, San Jose
Live up to Airfield’s motto, “high is a place,” by floating above the clouds with some Day Dreamers chocolate or Cannadips mints. Or join the marijuana mile-high club with cannabis-infused churros or savory pretzels. The sky is the limit with sublingual drops or gel caps, which offer a quick fix for your Valentine’s Day adventure.