We’re all searching for the newest brunch spot. Then comes a place like Jack Holder’s Restaurant and Bar. Owned and operated by Jack and Anne Holder, owners of the local Holder’s Country Inn chain, the venture is their first full-fledged restaurant since opening the original breakfast spot 50 years ago.

Located off of Cambrian Avenue in San Jose, Jack Holder’s is a sleek and chic take on the classic mom-and-pop shop. A stylish marble top bar lines the back of the restaurant while dark wood-framed booth and tables—adorned with outlets and USB ports—fill the room. Geometric lights hang from the ceiling, adding to the contemporary aesthetic.

Jack Holder’s offers up some “Sunrise Cocktails” that range from a Classic Mimosa to micheladas. I opted for the Classic Mimosa ($8) while my friend took on the Brazilian Mimosa ($9)—a bubblier and tarter take on the standard.

Don’t be mistaken with the appearance of the place, they still dish out the same cozy and warm vibes that Holder’s Country Inn has been serving for generations. The menu is packed with many of the same classics from the Country Inn that generations have come to know and love. My friend and I ordered the Chorizo Scramble with a side of Blueberry Pancakes ($14) and the Bacon and Eggs combo with a side of Swedish Crepes ($12).

You could practically smell the aroma of the spicy chorizo whisking its way from the kitchen to our table. The jalapeño and pico de gallo added a vibrant tone and a crisp crunch to the eggs.

The scramble, served with a side of salsa and whopping portion of hash browns, packed a spicy kick.

The Blueberry Pancakes are sprinkled with powdered sugar and blueberries. The super fluffy and sweet cakes drove home the homestyle vibes, while the Swedish crepes served with a side of lingonberry butter provided a rich and fragrant contrast. Though the sweetness was borderline overbearing, the mimosas kept us cool.

The Holder family looks to add to their rich history in San Jose by taking it into the next generation. The restaurant provides a hip ambiance that is also well-suited for lunch and dinner—especially with 14 beers on tap.

Redefining what it means to be a diner in the modern age, Jack Holder’s mixes the homemade basics with an elevated look. It could be a steppingstone toward a new classic.

Jack Holder’s 
3107 Meridian Ave, San Jose.