A traditional sushi bar would never add macadamia nuts or spinach to a sushi roll. They might not even make a roll. For a modern sushi bar, there are no rules. Fortunately for the sushi lover, San Jose has plenty of both kinds of restaurants and everything in between. Here’s a representative sample.

Blowfish was one of the first restaurants to marry traditional Japanese food culture with new style techniques and attitude. Whether you’re a fan of the restaurant’s in-your-face approach or not, it remains one of San Jose’s premier date spots.

Tucked into the corner of a Saratoga Avenue mini-mall, Dan offers a traditional menu of sushi and sashimi with seafood selections like the air-cured alfonsino, you’re not going to find at most restaurants.

Izakaya Restaurant
As might be inferred from the name, Izakaya Restaurant specializes in izakaya, friend and grilled foods that go with beer. But the sushi here is just as good and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Mizu Sushi
Mizu is a perennial San Jose favorite. Check out their decidedly non-traditional, undeniably good rolls. Try the “ninja roll,”  yellow tail, jalapeno, cilantro, avocado, asparagus with spicy sauce.

Sushi Maru
A Japantown classic, Sushi Maru offers traditional sushi and sashimi at great prices. The lunch sashimi combo gets you miso soup, salad, rice, and nearly a dozen cuts of fresh fish.