Foodies are fickle folks, indiscriminately bolting from one food craze to another like a kid picking through Halloween candy. One minute it’s bacon-wrapped bacon, the next it’s cronuts and cruffins. The latest rage sweeping through the South Bay are fancy desserts, such as is Icicles ice cream shop in downtown Willow Glen.

Now, keep in mind, this is no ordinary ice cream shop, but one that serves up an exotic rolled ice cream treat that gets its origins from street vendors in Thailand. The first step to ice cream bliss is waiting in a line that can take up to one to two hours. I lucked out, as I had to wait “only” 40 minutes before ordering. Once inside, there is the difficult decision of picking from one of 11 customizable flavors. Delicious choices include Nutella & Chill (Nutella, banana and Graham crackers), Mai Thai (Thai Tea), PB&J (peanut butter, jelly and graham crackers) and Oreo Blast. This was not an easy decision. Fortunately, I brought the whole family so we were able to order a bevy of flavors to sample. With only one size and one price ($6.50), these choices were easy.

Every order gets one-on-one time with Icicles’ friendly ice cream makers. The whole process is like a bizarre Vegas sideshow, as the raw materials are presented on a frozen plate while customers inspect through the glass. The ice cream makers proceed to chop, smooth and mix the concoction until all the ingredients are perfectly blended. The mix is then flattened onto a cold, flat sheet and then peeled up into small rolls of ice cream nirvana. Before handing over the goods there is an encore performance of adding toppings (e.g. fresh fruit, nuts, Nutella, condensed milk, Oreos, whipped cream) to the masterpiece. I highly recommend the toasted marshmallow, if only for the pyrotechnics.

Every flavor combination is distinct and delicious, so it really just comes down to one’s mood. Got a craving for smooth and refreshing? Get the Mai Thai. Feeling nostalgic? Then the Cereal Killer—vanilla custard with Cap’n Crunch, Fruity Pebbles or Cinnamon Toast Crunch—is the way to go. Craving chocolate heaven? Nutella & Chill was my hands-down favorite, as I ordered it topped with—what else?—more Nutella, condensed milk and marshmallow. This heavenly blend left me in an ice cream coma for hours.

Food crazes come and go, but this one seems to have real legs. What’s not to love about outstanding customer service, excellent price points and a delicious product? Now, if only we can do something about those lines.

1275 Lincoln Ave, San Jose.