Ever dreamed of feasting on the awe inspiring food shown in Netflix’s documentary series, Chef’s Table? Imagine morsels of food, plated with architectural expertise against a well-lit backdrop as a waiter wipes sauce off the already pristine plate before service.

Most of us can only wish for an opportunity to try one of these delicate bites from world-renowned chefs. But on Sept. 25, this foodie dream will come true at Montalvo Arts Center. The historic Saratoga villa will host the Experimental Gastronomy dinner, where Michelin star chefs David Kinch of Manresa (3 Stars), Corey Lee of Benu (3 Stars) and Daniel Patterson, formerly of Coi (2 Stars), will serve a vegan dinner with ingredients from local biodynamic or organic farms.

The all plant-based menu will not only offer a chance for the chefs to showcase their skills and the farms to highlight their ingredients, but it will also provide 12 different artists and designers a chance to create cutlery and tableware especially for the dinner. No stark white plates here. Anything goes, as past designers have used inspiration from nature to craft utensils and plating from wood, clay, metal, sand, stone and porcelain.

After the dinner, these works of art will be sold on Jouw, where cutlery and dish ware from these dinners in the last four years are currently on sale.

If previous installments of this event held in Berlin and Amsterdam are any indication, diners can expect a thought provoking feast for the senses. The event is organized by the Amsterdam-based Steinbeisser Organization, a group dedicated to pushing the envelope on contemporary cuisine. No two dinners are alike and the menu is always vegan and sourced from biodynamic or organic farms.

Seats for still available for Sunday’s 6pm dinner for $700, which includes seven courses with wine or juice pairings.