Among all the great witticism’s about drinking, one of the best tequila-related quips belongs to Frida Kahlo, who is quoted as saying: “Doctór, si me dejas tomar este tequila, le promote que no tomo en mi funeral”— or, “Doctor, if you let me drink this tequila, I promise not to drink at my funeral.”

Join in celebrating Kahlo, one of Mexico’s most famous artists and painters, with mariachi, food, art and, of course, tequila, on Saturday, Oct. 8, in San Jose’s historic Mexican Heritage Plaza.

The event not only commemorate’s Kahlo’s work, but her colorful life as well. Enjoy complimentary tastings and margaritas from premium tequila brand ambassadors alongside delicious and traditional Mexican food served by La Corneta. A number of tequila brands will be poured, including Clase Azul—a riff on Kahlo’s childhood home, known as the “Casa Azul”—Herradura, El Jimador, Sin Rival and G4 will be just a few of the tequila makers featured throughout the day.

Kahlo will, of course, be celebrated as an icon of feminine power and strength. Guest are encouraged to honor Kahlo’s unique style by wearing bright, traditional clothes and flowers in their hair. There will also be a look alike contest along with a grand prize for the winner. Artists will share works replicated after many of Kahlo’s most famous pieces. Many local Chicano artists will be sharing their work as well.

The day wouldn’t be complete without live mariachi music what promises to be a colorful day Chinampa Gardens.