One of the most iconic circuses in the world, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey come to the Bay Area with a never-before-seen show titled “Out Of This World.”

The space excursion sets off with Ringmaster Johnathan Lee and Circus Starseeker Paulo on board the Circus Space Fleet to defeat the Intergalactic Circus Queen Tatiana and return the most brilliant circus entertainers in the universe back to Earth.

Simple, right?

Along for the journey, the audience meets the Simet Family Astronauts as they balance gravity defying moves on a spinning wheel. Icy worlds surface with the Heilongjiang Provincial Acrobatic Troupe performing new Chinese acrobatics—all on ice. The ice is then taken over by the Thrill Skaters, who showcase a unique blend of lyrical figure skating with freestyle stunts and tricks.

The show culminates with an exclusive Ringling Bros. performance as the lead character, clown Davis Vassallo, reaches new heights with a daring handstand five stories above the audience.

Intertwined in this stellar show are Ringling Bros. staples like tiger and lion performances, as well as equestrian stunts by the Cossack Riders. Travelers also encounter a classic unicycle showcase by the King Charles Troupe and the comedic shenanigans of the Ringling Bros. Clown Alley.

Before the start of the show, all ticket holders have access to the Animal Open House, which lets families meet the furry stars of the show. Another pre-show feature is the Starseeker’s Early Access, which gives attendees access to sneak peek performances and a dance party.

“Out Of This World” lands in San Jose on Aug. 25 and runs through Sept. 5 at SAP Center. Tickets range from $20-$70. Opening Night Special Discount tickets are available for $15 each.