People who play together can now make beautiful music together.

A new interactive art installation at Plaza de Cesar Chavez running from Aug. 4 to Oct. 2, The Swings is the brainchild of Daily Tous Les Jours, an interactive design studio with an interest in public participation. The Swings operate much like an orchestra, with each swing playing the role of a different instrument. Based on how high the swing goes the note will change; when multiple people swing together they create a complete musical piece.

The installation is part of San Jose’s recent efforts to bring residents outside and into public spaces, such as the Viva Parks program. Currently on tour around the country and Canada, The Swings have visited New York, Michigan, Florida, Colorado and Montreal. Their impact can be seen as people stop and converse, thereby breaking down invisible barriers.

“Age, race, social status, zip code … these things don’t matter at The Swings,” said Jay French, a street photographer who came across the display in Detroit. “People waiting in line are talking with others they had never met before, laughing and occasionally stepping out of line to help a little one up on a swing when his or her mother didn’t have enough hands to get each of her kids on a swing at the same time.”

San Jose’s diverse community has never been shy about coming together, and The Swings offer an opportunity to further a message of communication and openness.