President George W. Bush dropped into Facebook on Tuesday for a public chat with the social network’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Casual and relaxed, Bush admitted that he was there to sell books, and shared anecdotes about his presidency, sports, and even some current events. He also admitted that he has his own Facebook page with 600,000 friends, an interesting revelation that the president who once admitted that he uses “the Google” has become far more computer savvy since leaving office. Some of those friends were inevitably among the 6,500 people who watched a live streaming of the conversation.

During his talk, Bush refused to criticize President Obama, saying that it was “not good for the country.” He added that, “I have no desire to generate publicity. I’ve had enough of fame, and I want to go back to a life that is productive …” One can only wonder why he thought his life in the limelight was not productive.

He did, however, make reference to the recent Wikileaks revelations, calling them “very damaging,” and saying that they could potentially harm Washington’s image with its allies.
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