San Jose’s most unique cat adoption center, The Dancing Cat, expects to reopen soon to help at-risk cats find loving homes.

Last year, more than 2,000 cat lovers visited the café and 50 adult cats were adopted, according to Dancing Cat owners Ann Chasson and Mary Rubin. Although the space was only open for a limited time, numerous events were held. In order to resume operations, Dancing Cat owners have teamed up with the Silicon Valley Pet Project.

“When people walk through the door, and see the light reflected in the colorful lanterns, and the cats just roaming freely, they often just stop, and there is a physical, positive reaction, something like aww in their faces,” says Rubin.

Chasson remembers a young couple who stopped by one day to see a cat named Florence. “They weren’t looking to adopt but ended up spending an hour with Florence on their laps,” she says. “They left and called me three hours later. They came back and adopted her.”

This year’s goal is to once again create a permanent safe space where anyone can come to play with—and adopt—cats in a comfortable environment. Rubin says the overarching goal is “to connect even more cats with forever homes and really grow the community.”

The Dancing Cat plans to participate in an online fundraiser May 3 to help gather funds for the new space. Supporters can also check out Silicon Valley Gives to learn more about how to help The Dancing Cat and other nonprofits in the area.