Confirming what many Silicon Valley commuters already painfully know, San Jose and San Francisco are among the worst cities for people traveling by car to and from work.

In the “Urban Mobility Scorecard” release Wednesday by INRIX and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, San Jose is ranked as the No. 5 worst city for auto commuters, just slightly better than San Francisco/Oakland, which is ranked at No. 3. Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles top the list, respectively.

In San Jose, drivers experience an average yearly delay of 67 hours with travel time averaging nearly one and a half hours. The average “congestion cost” per commuter is $1,422. The national average for auto commute delay is 45 hours.

A growing Bay Area economy, a population increase and recent drops in fuel prices are all factors contributing to the traffic problems.

“Our growing traffic problem is too massive for any one entity to handle—state and local agencies can’t do it alone,” said Tim Lomax, a report co-author and Regents Fellow at TTI, in a news release. “Businesses can give their employees more flexibility in where, when and how they work, individual workers can adjust their commuting patterns, and we can have better thinking when it comes to long-term land use planning. This problem calls for a classic ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach.”

As the local commute worsens with schools and universities back in session, now might be the perfect time for those looking to fire up the old home office. While ridership continues to surge on public transporation, there are also several options for visiting San Jose without a car and biking in San Jose for work and recreation.

10 cities with longest delay for auto commuters:
1. Washington D.C.
2. Los Angeles
3. San Francisco/Oakland
4. New York
5. San Jose
6. Boston
7. Seattle
8. Chicago (tie)
8. Houston (tie)
9. Dalllas/Fort Worth
10. Riverside/San Bernardino

Read the complete report HERE.

What are your San Jose commute tips?