Sure, unemployment is still high, but if you already have a job, there’s no better place to have it than in San Jose. That was the conclusion of online job site, which ranked 50 American cities based on eight “happiness factors”: benefits, career-advancement opportunities, compensation, growth opportunities, job security, willingness to recommend to others, quality of senior management, and work-life balance. San Jose came out on top in each category.

Compensation, for example, is highest in San Jose, with an average salary of $82,635.58. This compares especially favorably with second-place San Francisco, where the average salary is almost $8,000 less, or 16th-place Fresno, where it is $40,000 less. California as a whole held four of the top ten spots, with Los Angeles and San Diego ranking eighth and ninth. The only other state with more than one city in the Top 10 was Florida, with Jacksonville and Miami coming in third and fourth respectively.

As for the worst city, that honor went to St. Paul, Minnesota, but that probably has something to do with the weather (though neighboring Minneapolis came in at 15).

Now all San Jose needs is more jobs.

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