Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather is the fight of this young century. The two have spent their illustrious careers beating everyone but each other. For a while, their equality—and haggling over drug testing—was a sticking point in making this fight materialize. Neither wanted second-billing. But the long-awaited showdown will finally arrive Saturday evening in Las Vegas.

Rarely is real life so clearly split between good and evil. Pacquiao is a beloved international figure. It would be an understatement to say he’s big in the Philippines—he’s Michael Jordan meets JFK meets Clooney meets Michael Jackson. The boxer, congressman, actor and popstar punches with over 800 lbs of force. He blitzes his often larger foes with swift, unorthodox flurries, collapsing the foundations of their defense and dynamiting their interior with tight power. Yet, the cherubic national icon remains remarkably humble despite being the only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight classes.

“Money” Mayweather is the yin to Pacquiao’s yang. He is Kanye West’s id—an impossible braggart and narcissist with an extensive rapsheet. After a controversial loss during the 1996 Olympics, Mayweather has self-orchestrated the most lucrative professional career of all time, going 47-0 and earning $410 million. The brash defensive genius slips past haymakers with a swaggering telepathic ease. His dance saps the energy and hope of his opponents, until they lapse and are punished by technical perfection. He is the best fighter and most reviled heel of the modern era. He’s also a serial batterer of women.

This seismic clash is unparalleled in appeal. Knowledge of boxing’s intricacies is not a prerequisite. It is as compelling a narrative as the sport has ever produced: two polarizing legends jockeying for ultimate supremacy. Defeat would be unacceptable for both, but is likely inevitable for one.

Tickets for the fight sold out in 30 seconds. Ringside seats could fetch six figures. The nosebleeds will run a cool 5 grand. For the proletariat, the following lists the five best places in the South Bay to feast, booze and watch them bash each other for our entertainment.

4th Street Pizza (150 E. Santa Clara St., San Jose)
This sports hub has hot pizza, zesty apps, and $14 pitchers all set with a $30 cover.

Britannia Arms Downtown (173 W. Santa Clara St., San Jose)
San Jose’s premier sports pub will partner with Tecate for $3 beers and $15 buckets with a $30 cover.

Firehouse Brewery Grill (111 S. Murphy Ave., Sunnyvale)
Enjoy the fresh brews and classic pub fare favorites during the fight for $25.

Smoke Eaters (29 S. 3rd St., San Jose)
If the fight gets your competitive juices flowing, try taking down the Hellfire Wings challenge for $35 at the bar or $25 in a chair.

Blue Chip (325 S. 1st St. #190, San Jose)
The SoFA watering hole serves an exceptional cheesesteak and will have a bounty of drink specials. Two drink tickets included for $50.