Psycho Donuts in Campbell is hosting the Bigfoot Event art show to benefit the Bigfoot Discovery Museum on April 12, with more than 22 artists selling their Bigfoot-inspired pieces.

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, near Santa Cruz, was opened by Michael Rugg and Paula Yarr, co-founders of the bigfoot discovery project, with the intention of finding Bigfoot.

The museum contains photos, footprints and other items people have seen and discovered related to Bigfoot.

“The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is on the verge of closing, so we wanted to come up with a fun way to raise money for them,” says Christine Benjamin, event coordinator and one of the first Psycho Donuts artists.

To commemorate the event, Psycho Donut’s kitchen created one of the odd-ball company’s most difficult donuts to date: Bigfoot’s Toe Jam, a glazed and jelly-filled foot-shaped doughnut.

“One of the problems with making custom doughnuts is the shape, and we were only able to find a small cutter in the shape of a foot,” says Jordan Zweigoron, owner and Chief Psycho at Psycho Donuts. “We started cutting out these little foot donuts, but it wasn’t psycho enough, so we started working on a larger doughnut that we had to hand-cut and shape to make it look like a foot.”

One of the kitchen staff members came up with the idea for a toe jam theme, so it has jelly coming out between the toes, said Zweigoron.

Kepi Ghoulie and Dog Party will be on-hand to perform live music in Psycho Donut’s Padded Cell.

The art available for sale ranges from $45 to $350 and a portion of proceeds from Bigfoot’s Toe Jam doughnut and art sales will directly benefit The Bigfoot Discovery Museum.

The Bigfoot Event will be held at Psycho Donuts in Campbell on April 12. More info.