You know what makes science really fun? Drinks. And no kids.

Every first Thursday of the month, the “After Hours” program at the Tech Museum invites adults 21 and over to come into the Museum after closing to enjoy a night of science, games and drinks.

The program’s main goal is to expose adults to science without having to deal with the younger crowds that attend during regular hours. All of the galleries in the museum are open, while there is also live music and games, such as 4-foot-tall Jenga and giant Chess.

“I find that the more people are exposed to science, the more they realize that they’re scientists, they are innovators,” says Rick McDaniel, coordinator of the After Hours event. “That’s where the science and the fun come together.”

A Photo Booth is also present, which makes for some interesting snapshots when attendees have a couple of the glow-in-the-dark martinis, a.k.a. Tech-tinis. The Tech Museum takes the photos and posts them on Facebook so people can share with others.

Each After Hours event has a main theme, and according to that theme, there will be science projects people can do.

Tickets for the event are $10. Members only pay $8.