With a name more evocative of car parts or shoes, the opaquely styled Tpumps has nonetheless drawn long lines to its new digs in Cupertino on Stevens Creek Boulevard.

Tpumps held its soft opening this weekend, and the line was out the front door at the bubble tea cafe, which builds on the customization concept that has served spots like Bay Area ice cream sandwich juggernaut CREAM so well. Customers choose their tea (including black or green), sweetness level, toppings such as red bean and taro, and flavors like passionfruit, peach and lychee. Finally, they can add milkā€”or not.

Tea flavors come in syrup form and are added, likely the inspiration for the funky moniker. However, odd name notwithstanding, Tpumps has already established itself on the Peninsula and San Francisco, with the Cupertino spot its third location.

Tpumps at 19959 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino.