Honey Creek Cafe in Mountain View is beginning to attract those savvy diners who know that boba and tea drinks are just the tip of the iceberg. The restaurant/lounge, decked in velvet and cubic crystal chandeliers, give a lavish introduction to the dessert and drink food trends that are already wildly popular in Asia.

Honey Creek, which opened in September, has a diverse food and drink menu. Besides traditional Taiwanese food, it also has over 200 kinds of drinks: iced tea, smoothies, iced milk tea, jelly ice, milk slush and hot tea, just to name a few. Diners can customize their drinks to a preferred level of sweetness.

For dessert, the cafe offers a range of eye-catching “snow” desserts, which consist of sheets of ice so thin they melt quickly on the tongue. Flavors are more typical here: milk, taro, honeydew, rose, green tea, and chocolate—all for $6.99. Honey Creek also serves signature “honey toast” desserts: decadent toasts with elaborate toppings, from caramel drizzle to macaron gala ($12.99).

Also of note: all the desserts and drinks are served in other-worldly vessels—some cups look like honeycombs, and offbeat plates add their own unique character to the table.

Honey Creek, 124 Castro Street, Mountain View. 650.988.8880

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