For six years, Opa! has brought Greek food to the South Bay in their various downtown locations, including Willow Glen and Los Altos. Their recently opened fifth location is right in the heart of downtown Campbell, and already boasts a healthy draw. We spoke with Campbell GM Ron Bryan and got a little glimpse into exactly what kind of food they serve, and just why they say “Opa” all the time.

So, what does “Opa” mean and why is it the name of this restaurant?

Opa means “cheers.” The owner grew up with that saying. Every time something would happen they would say, “Opa!” like “Cheers” at the dinner table, or if something dropped or fell. That’s why they’re known for breaking plates and glasses—it’s in celebration. They say, “Opa!” It’s a staple over there in Greece. We say “Cheers.” It’s the same over there.

Do you serve traditional, authentic Greek food or a more California-fusion style Greek cuisine?

It is authentic. We have some recipes that are from Angelo’s [the owner’s] mom herself. To make authentic Greek food, you have to have the right herbs and spices. Olive oil comes from Greece. That’s one of the main things—olive oil. We get it directly from Greece, and of course the herbs and spices, the oregano, and the fresh thyme and all those things. They are all part of the culture. We have a flaming cheese. It’s called saganaki. As soon as we get that going, we get the crew together and we light it on fire. Everybody yells “Opa!”

You have an impressive selection of souvlaki (Greek Skewered meats). Recommend one to me.

They’re all good! The beef souvlaki is outstanding. It’s filet mignon. It’s topped with our famous opa oil. It’s got olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, scallions, oregano and other herbs. Our souvlakis are served with our house wild rice or our French fries. Our fries are also tossed in the same oil, and they’re topped with feta cheese.

I love baklava, but there are so many other great Greek desserts. What’s one you carry that is lesser known, but equally as good as baklava?

I’d say the bougatsa, which is a pastry puff. It has fresh apples and ricotta cheese. It’s a Greek dessert, but it’s like an apple pastry, but with a different flavor profile.

I notice you have a weekend brunch. What are some foods you only serve during brunch? 

We have our gyro hash. It’s like corned beef and hash but with our gyro meat, one of my favorites. I love the gyro and hash. I’m a corned beef and hash lover, but gyro meat is completely different than corned beef, and of course our French toast is outstanding. It’s topped with yogurt and fresh fruit.

How popular are those patio seats?

Everybody wants to sit on the patio. That is the spot. It has the umbrellas in the daytime and at night we switch out to heat lamps to keep people warm. Right now the patio’s packed. There’s a couple open tables inside, but there’s a wait list on the patio [tables]. They’re in high demand.

276 E Campbell Ave, Campbell. 408.866.4570