Barbecue is now claiming status in the fast casual market.

Next month, Winters-based Buckhorn Grill will be opening in the food court in Oakridge Mall. On several accounts, it resembles a sit-down restaurant: guests order at a counter, but the food will be presented on real plates and silverware. Beer and wine is available, too. After ordering, buzzers are given out so one doesn’t have to linger while waiting for food.

The company specializes in their marinated sirloin tri-tip, which is rubbed with spices, chargrilled over wood and then roasted slowly for hours. Doneness varies, but most of the time it is medium rare with a juicy center. Team members can often be seen giving out samples dipped in au jus. A whole tri-tip runs you about $24.95 Mon-Sat, and $19.95 on Sundays. Chicken and salads are also on the menu.

This will be the 12th location for the company to date. There are 9 locations in California alone: Pleasanton, Emeryville, Walnut Creek, Sacramento, Napa and Roseville, and 3 in San Francisco. Buckhorn also paired up with Tri Tip Grill in New York, and has added a tri-tip venture in New York’s Grand Central Station.

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