The Shamieh family has done it again, opening a new branch of their ice cream shop, Cream, on the University Avenue promenade in Palo Alto. Their very first location on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley has been a runaway success since it opened in 2010. The concept employs the Shamieh mother’s cookie recipe and relives a childhood experimenting with different dessert combinations.

Cream (“Cookies Rule Everything Around Me”) is a summer crowd pleaser, with homemade ice cream sandwiches for about $2.50, ice cream by the cone and milkshakes.  Long lines have been a steady sight at the new Palo Alto location, with some waiting almost an hour to try these cold confections. Not to worry though—lines go fast and often, employees walk around with samples of their cookies to bide the time.

Recently, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have been bombarded with photos of Cream’s nostalgic treats. With an assortment of cookies and toppings, it’s easy to take such a simple treat to creative heights. Our pairing: a turtle cookie and a white chocolate macadamia cookie sandwiching cinnamon caramel ice cream.

The company is growing fast, already planning two more locations in Walnut Creek and Davis.