While the city of San Francisco contemplates new regulations to put the brakes on the proliferation of food trucks, and Assemblyman Bill Monning (D-Carmel) pushes a (wrong-headed, in my opinion) bill to create a food truck buffer around public schools, the mobile restaurant revolution is bigger than ever in San Jose.

Organizers of the San Jose Taco Festival on April 14 at History Park claim it will be Northern California’s largest taco truck festival. The event is being organized by Moveable Feast, a food truck event and catering company founded by Ryan Sebastian, the man behind Treatbot, San Jose’s own ice cream and karaoke truck. “Our hope is this will become a San Jose tradition,” Sebastian said.

The festival will draw food trucks from Silicon Valley, San Francisco and even one from L.A. The price for all tacos will be $2, in order to entice attendees to sample a wide range of tacos: nacho tacos, short rib tacos and even ice cream tacos. Tickets are $7, and the event is expected to sell out due to limited capacity inside the park.

There will be a taco competition and a sauce contest with a cash prize. Voting for the taco contest will be done by text messaging and then a celebrity panel of judges will pick a winner from finalists. If two dozen taco vendors weren’t cool enough, the festival will also feature Mexican-style lucha libre wrestling. You know, the guys with the cool masks. The demonstration will feature luchadores from San Jose’s Pro Wrestling Revolution. Go to www.sjtaco.com for more info.