Tired of the same old chicken fried rice? Try these standout San Jose Chinese restaurants.

Chinjin Eastern House
The bare fluorescent light and spare dining room don’t detract from the delicious menu of Western Chinese food. Try the spicy beef stew noodle soup.

Dynasty Seafood

Although it’s located next to the Vietnamese-centric Grand Century Mall, Dynasty is a haven for Hong Kong-style Chinese food, especially dim sum.

Hunan Taste
Hunan Taste specializes in the fiery, hearty food of China’s Hunan province, making it one of the few restaurants in the Bay Area to do so. The restaurant is not for those with a low tolerance for spicy food, though the kitchen can tone it down

Sino Restaurant and Lounge
Sexy and urbane, Sino offers an appealing menu of seldom seen dishes like duck tongue, geoduck clam and chicken lollipops. Excellent dim sum and cocktails, too.

Ton Tho Tuong BBQ & Restaurant
No, Ton Tho Tuong doesn’t sound Chinese to me either, but the barbecued duck and pork that hangs in the front window is all Chinese and perfect for take-out.