A bowl of soup satisfies on many levels. Here are five restaurants with particularly satisfying soup.

Bun Bo Hue An Nam
With a name like Bun Bo Hue, you might guess what Bun Bo Hue specializes in—bun bo Hue. The soup is a spicier version of pho, beef noodle soup.

Di Lac
Soup doesn’t need animal parts to make it good. Need proof? Di Lac’s hot and spicy “beef” and “pork” noodle soup will satisfy any carnivore.

Hunan Taste
The hot and sour soup at this classic San Jose restaurant is great. The soup is often too sweet and too thick, but here it’s like tasting it for the first time. It’s more spicy than sour and has a light base that floats fat slices of bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms, bits of pork, bean curd and green onions. It’s dusted with white pepper on top and it’s just great

La Pastaia
As one of San Jose’s premier Italian restaurants, La Pastaia regularly serves a dependable bowl of minestrone with a deep, nourishing broth and lot of fresh vegetables.

La Penita
My favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant just happens to be almost under the 280 freeway. There’s plenty of good stuff here, but the caldo de res, beef soup in a clear broth with big chunks of vegetables and beef, is the perfect cold weather dish.