Regional Chinese food is one of the things Silicon Valley does very well. Here are five shining examples. Just don’t go expecting broccoli beef or mu shu pork.

Chinjin Eastern House
The bare fluorescent light and spare dining room don’t detract from the delicious menu of Western Chinese food. Try the spicy beef stew noodle soup.

Darda Seafood Restaurant
This place is packed every time I go but there’s always a table waiting. The Islamic Chinese food restaurant doesn’t serve any pork but they do serve lamb, including the excellent cumin lamb

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant
The Hong Kong style restaurant is the place to go for dim sum of every shape, size and flavor.

Rice Cafe
OK, so it’s not the most creative name ever but the voluminous, Taiwanese-influenced menu is a culinary thrill. Try the potstickers or chilled beef shank in red pepper oil.

South Legend Chinese Restaurant
The top spot for Sichuan food in Silicon Valley.