Ethiopian food is probably Africa’s best known cuisine and San Jose offers several places to sample it for yourself. Here are five standout restaurants.

Cafe Rehoboth
Doro wat, chicken cloaked in thick spices, is one of Ethiopia’s national dishes, and it’s done very well here.

Kifto is Ethiopia’s version of steak tartare, raw chopped beef served with spiced butter and herbs. It’s great scooped up with injera, spongy Ethiopian bread.

The doro wat is the star of the show here.

Sparsely furnished, but lavishly flavorful, Selam may be San Jose’s sleeper Ethiopian restaurant. Try the delicious foul and timtmo, a fantastic red lentil dish.

Zeni is a friendly and lively place. Go for the vegetarian sampler: yewmir wot, puréed, dal-like red lentils simmered in a rich berberé sauce.