Poor Lady Gaga! The artist who became the first person ever to break 1 billion views on her YouTube account found herself offline for a few hours because, of all things, copyright violations. That put a crimp in her race with Justin Bieber, the only other performer who comes anywhere near Lady G for the number of YouTube views.

Gaga celebrated her rise to YouTube dominance with a tweet last October, saying, “We reached 1 billion views on YouTube little monsters! If we stick together we can do anything. I dub u kings and queens of YouTube! Unite!”  It took two and a half weeks before Bieber topped a billion.

But it turned out that despite Gaga’s tweet, there was one thing her little monsters couldn’t do—defend the diva from charges of copyright violations. The problem was apparently a new clip that showed a performance by Gaga on Japan’s Fuji television, though Google usually waits for three copyright violations before suspending an account. It is unclear what, if any, those other violations were.

The violation was fixed quickly, and by Thursday night Gaga was back. Monster-like fans who were suffering from withdrawal and severe bouts of depression could still get their fix of Lady G on Vevo’s Lady Gaga channel, which remained untouched. Or they could switch to Pandora and expand their musical horizons just a little.

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