When the Guinness Book of World Records started out in 1954, Bill Gates wasn’t even a twinkle in his father’s eye. Desk tops were the things of science fiction, and clunky rotary phones were considered the be-all of high tech. Records focused on the fastest bird in Europe, and expanded to the oldest, tallest and smallest people, the person with the most fingers, or the man with the longest … mustache.

A lot has changed.

The Guinness World Records now has an entire section devoted to social media. As they point out, “It’s very appealing to know that you can be a part of a world record, just by “liking” a post on Facebook, or watching a video on YouTube.”

So what are some of the records that would otherwise keep bar patrons debating facts until the wee hours of the morning? Who has the most likes on Facebook? Facebook, of course, with 47,194,601, though it only recently passed Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker page, which has over 45.7 million likes. You might also find out that rapper Eminem has 2.5 million more more likes than Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, Gaga has more followers than anyone on Twitter, with about 11.26 million. That’s hundreds of thousands more than runner up Justin Bieber, whose video masterpiece, “Baby,” has had more than 576 million views on Youtube—way more than Lady G’s “Bad Romance.” It’s also refreshing to know that Bieber’s video has the most “Dislikes” of any video, with over 1.5 million people expressing distaste for his performance, but watching it anyways (it’s kind of like touching an aching tooth with the tongue—painful, but everybody does it).

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