The Los Gatos “Bank Bomber’, identified as 28-year-old Vadim Liotveyzen, has been arrested for suspicion of robbery, attempted robbery, extortion and false bomb threats.

Liotveyzen allegedly attempted to use phony bombs to rob banks twice this year—once on Mar. 17 and again on Friday.

He would enter a bank carrying a disguised brick with wires attached and hand the teller a note that demanded money and warned of a package containing a bomb. The bank manager told police she received a package with a note attached to it, which said a bomb would explode unless $50,000 was dropped at a specific location within 10 minutes.

Luckily, police were tipped off by a Los Gatos Library employee who found a bomb threat note that Liotveyzen had mistakenly left in a printer. Less than a half hour later officers received a call about a possible bomb threat at the Chase Bank on North Santa Cruz Avenue.

The bank manager described the same tactic by the bank robber as the March 17 robbery, so investigators linked the two together and were able to find Liotveyzen through his Library card, which he used to print his bomb threat.

His bail has been set at $250,000.