Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck believes that he has a solid case against Giovanni Ramirez, the suspect arrested in the beating of Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium this April. Nevertheless, he admits that he is not yet ready to bring the high profile case to the DA.

Part of the problem may be a lineup that took place on Wednesday night at the Men’s Central Jail in LA. An agreement was reached between everyone participating in the lineup that they will not release any information as to what happened there.

This has fueled some speculation that Ramirez was not adequately identified. His attorney, Anthony Brooklier, says that, “I think we have an innocent man,” and adds that Ramirez has an alibi and was not even at Dodger Stadium at the time of the attack. According to his daughter, he took her to visit an aunt that evening. Brooklier added that Ramirez was even willing to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence. “I’ve never had anybody said that to me in almost 40 years that I’ve been practicing criminal defense,” Brooklier noted.

Nevertheless, the police maintain that they are “satisfied” with the outcome of the lineup, even if there is no DNA or blood to prove conclusively that Ramirez was involved. After a well publicized raid on Ramirez’s home, the Beck and the LAPD don’t want to start searching all over again.

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