Edgar Ramirez just wanted to pee.

The San Jose police officer was looking for the last suspect in a violent robbery that had just taken place in a Blossom Hill Check ‘N’ Go store. According to police, one of the store’s employees had tried to escape, but was brought back at gunpoint by the gang of robbers. He was told to lie on the floor, and when he lifted his head, gang member Donzell Flie, 19, of Oakland, shot him. The five suspects fled the scene and a chase ensued. Four were soon apprehended, and Ramirez was among a group of police officers searching for the final suspect.

Then nature called. Ramirez asked some construction workers where he could relieve himself and was directed to a restroom in a vacant apartment. But something just wasn’t right there, so as he entered, Ramirez pulled his gun out. It was a good thing he did. The missing suspect was hiding inside.

Ramirez has been commended for his action. The gang members, who hailed from Oakland, have all been apprehended, and the victim in the shooting is recovering in hospital. The only question that remains unanswered in the case is: When did Ramirez finally get to pee?
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