After stealing more than $60,000 from a Palo Alto neighborhood association to make a long list of purchases, including a down payment on a BMW, Kimball Allen avoided jail time by accepting a plea deal.

Allen, 29, pleaded no contest to embezzling the money from the Greenmeadow Community Association, and he will serve three years of probation as well pay back restitution of roughly $70,000, the Mercury News reports.

Rob Baker, a deputy district attorney in the Santa Clara County DA’s Office, told the Merc that the sentencing was a “great resolution,” because Allen was forthcoming in the process and had no criminal background.

Allen started taking money from the neighborhood association over a 10-month period beginning in March 2010. Purchases Allen made included a hair replacement procedure, a gym membership, dental work, items at an adult bookstore and an air-conditioning unit for a gym he own in Kansas City.

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