Santa Clara County is handing out Get Out of Jail Free cards this month to anyone with a misdemeanor warrant for a nonviolent offense or a traffic violation. Until the end of the year, people with warrants against them for nonviolent crimes can simply walk into the local police station, get their citation, and schedule a new court date. In the spirit of the holiday season, even warrants that say “No Cite and Release,” “No Walk-Over,” and “No Bail” can be eligible for the program.

While the immediate reaction to the program is that it is a gift to the people who broke the law, it also makes sound financial sense. In California today, it costs over $47,000 to keep a person in prison for a year, or almost $4,000 per month. In contrast, campus tuition for state residents who live on campus at UCSC comes to $32,250, or almost one-third less—and the state covers the entire cost of the prisoners. 

“Operation Second Chance 2010” is being touted as a win-win situation for the offenders, the state, and most of all, the taxpayers.  And with the current rates of recidivism, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
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