“Other communities have beautiful libraries,” says Mike Moresco. “It’s time for Los Gatos to have one of its own.” As Second Vice President of the local Lions Club, Moresco is in a position to make that happen.

This week he handed a check for $25,001 to the Friends of the Library. The money will be used to purchase fixtures and furnishings for the refurbished library. The Friends of the Library is hoping to raise $2.1 million. The group is already over 60 percent of the way to its goal.

Of course, the check raises an obvious question: twenty-five thousand and one? As it turns out, the Rotary Club has already donated $25,000, and the Lions, not to be outdone, have decided to top them by one, quite literally. Now, at least, they can say, we gave more than the Rotary Club.

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