Nestling in between indie-rock, the avant-garde, minimalism, jazz and classical chamber music, Build is a ground-breaking, barrier-transcending quintet that manages to bridge—with delicate precision as well as jagged, angular strokes—the seemingly disparate lands of today’s come-as-you-are, lo-fi, electronic-based indie pop music, and the age-old traditions of European classical music, a feat requiring grace, technical know-how and a future-forward stance.

Formed in 2006 by former Lucas Artists Program resident and celebrated violinist and composer Matt McBane, who has been described as a natural composer and widely celebrated for his instinctive musical sensibilities, the Brooklyn-based Build (Andrea Lee, cello; Ben Campbell, bass; Matt McBane, violin/compositions; Mike Cassedy, piano/rhodes; Adam Gold, drums) has quickly gained a reputation as a sophisticated quintet capable of re-imagining contemporary compositions and bringing to life complex and unpredictable pieces with ease.

Described as indie-classical, the group has gained the respect of new music classical circles on the strength of McBane’s compositions and the group’s high technical and stylistic standards, while still maintaining a strong reputation in the underground due to their DIY approach to recording and releasing music—their self-titled debut EP, released in 2008, was recorded on a minuscule budget; their forthcoming album, Place, was funded in part using the online fundraising platform Kickstarter—and their willingness to coax chamber music into musical territories unknown to most classical quintets.

Having received critical acclaim from both renowned classical music critics and the indie blogosphere, Build defies easy classification, focusing instead on the music itself. Whether playing bars, clubs, art spaces or concert halls, Build transcends the confines of venue and genre with its gorgeous, surreal and visceral music.

Build performs at the Montalvo Carriage House Theatre on Thursday, March 24 at 7pm.

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