The pros—directors and producers who’ve traveled to San Jose for the Cinequest fest—will be talking biz today. And here, RvB talks about his best bets for today, including ‘3 Backyards’ and Part 2 of the ‘Business of Art’ forums. Plus the Smith Brothers in conversation with with Frank Door, director of the short film ‘Five Proof.’

Check back daily on during Cinequest for the Smith Brothers interviews with filmmakers, directors and writers, and Richard von Busack’s Best Bets. And check out this Cinequest Guide, with capsule reviews of many of the films being shown at Cinequest.

You’ve heard that bankers talk about art, and artists talk about money. Just so: critics talk about film, and film directors talk about distribution. The Biz of Art Part 2 opens at the crack of noon at the Hal Todd Studio Theater. The topic: how to sell a movie, from festivals, to international sales, to video on demand. On hand today: Steve Harnsberger of Harnsberger Digital Consultants in San Francisco; veteran entertainment attorney Jeffrey Brandstetter, Strathford Hamilton director of “Blueberry Hill will be joining in. So will Jere Hausfater. He’s the founder of Essential Entertainment. The company is working on the soon-to-be produced sequel to everyone’s favorite surfing and robbing movie Point Break and finally Mitch Mallon who launched Image Entertainment’s digital division will be on hand. Again that’s at noon today at the Hal Todd Theater at SJSU.

Today is also a chance to catch up on some of the films you may have missed. But see if you can keep a window open for a movie screening at 7pm at the California Theatre. It’s called 3 Backyards: the first film in ten years by Eric Mendelssohn, whose Judy Berlin is still one of the most beautiful and impressive indie films I’ve ever seen.