Monday, March 7 may seem like a slow day at Cinequest San Jose, but there’s still some 22 programs today. In this quick guide to today’s activities, Richard von Busack talks about his best bets for today, including ‘Troublemaker,’ ‘Tomorrow Will Be Better’ and ‘22nd of May.’ Plus the Smith Brothers with Vijay Rajan, director of the short film ‘Base Emotions.’

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Monday, Mar 7 may seem like a slow day at the festival, but there’s still some 22 programs today. The earliest is noon’s Troublemaker. It’s writer/director Geeta Malik’s drama about an angry post-college Indian-American girl. A writer by vocation and waitress by occupation, Rayka is out to get payback from the father who abandoned her…payback in the form of the long green.

The latest show, beginning at 9:30: Tomorrow Will Be Better from the Ukraine. It’s a film about three boys trying to head west…haven’t previewed this, but Charley Cockey, a very discerning booker at Cinequest, says of the director, whose name I’m about to mangle, Dorota Kedzierzawska, that this director is “a poet of the Polish cinema.” That’s a big compliment if you’re conversant with Polish film.

Also playing during this more than 11 hours of indie and foreign films is one of my favorites, Holland’s 22nd of May (6:30 at Camera 12; see it before someone buys it and remakes it with Ben Affleck.