In this edition of “Today at Cinequest, The Smith Brothers, Tony and Brandon, chat with Edward James Olmos, Lymari Nadal and Sonia Fritz of the film ‘America.’  And: Richard von Busack talks about his best bets for today, including ‘Dreaming Nicaragua’ and ‘Desert Rain.’

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Congressman Mike Honda arrives to join a panel discussion of Dreaming Nicaragua playing at 11:30 AM at Camera 12. Marcelo Bukin’s documentary profiles four children, in a particularly desperate corner of a blighted Central American nation. We watch as the children are given art supplies and cameras to record their existence.

A day-long forum on the marketing of films starts at 11 m. It’s The Biz of Art at the Hal Todd Studio theater at San Jose State University. It’s followed by a pair of forums on 3D as a marketing and aesthetic tool; on hand is former Palo Altoan Jon Chu, director of the 3D Justin Beaver movie Never Say Never.

Premiering tonight at 9:30 is Desert Rain, at the Camera 12. It’s about a pair of characters on the run in Albuquerque: Alexandria Morrow is Skye, a would be actress; Dan (Daniel Van Hart) is a would be musician; evicted, unemployed and carless, the two try to head for LA where everything is cool and end up falling into crime. The Duke City looks good; the cast carries themselves well, and if first-time director Steve Loff’s main question is whether this pair of caroming losers are sympathetic enough to care about, he’s got no worries

A big Hollywood style premiere is planned for Samual Bleak tonight at 7; I’d say glimpse the stars and skip the movie.